Android messenger for eBay

Android messenger for eBay
only 1 €

comomail is the first mobile solution of the comocom software suite for eBay and we hope it will be useful for each eBay seller. With comomail you can immediately reply to the buyers' questions and build a reputation of the responsible and reliable eBay seller.


comomail offers following advantages:


  • Multiple eBay accounts support
  • Auto-check of the new message for all eBay accounts, added to the app
  • Sound notification about new email
  • Templates editor for messages
  • Opportunity to send pictures in messages
  • Reply to the messages within the app interface
  • Folders to sort and arrange your messages
  • Time and notification melody settings.


Be mobile!

Our app supports default folders, like Inbox, Sent, Archive and up to 10 custom folders created on eBay, giving you access to all the messages you have received.

comomail supports multiple eBay accounts and automatically checks all mailboxes, giving regular notifications about the new emails.

Add your eBay account and configure the notification's settings. comomail will notify you about new messages, even if you are not in the app.