Bulk listing and sales management

Create professional-looking listings and upload them on eBay in bulk!

  • Bulk actions with active, sold and unsold items
  • Bulk templates management
  • Bulk items listing

We care about our clients and strive to ensure maximum comfort for you when working with comosale solution for eBay sellers. That's why we have implemented the opportunity to control your selling activity in bulk, so you could reduce the number of similar performed actions.

comosale offers bulk management function for active, sold and unsold items. Just mark necessary listings and choose the action you'd like to apply. But this is not the only advantage!

Save your time and relist items in bulk. It will take you a few clicks to perform other bulk actions like end listing earlier, sell item to max bidder, add some information to description, reply to the customers questions, change automation setting and much more. comosale makes it is possible to manage multiple templates in in one click: delete, edit or duplicate existing templates to create items with similar options.

Verify templates in bulk to define which items are ready for sale and which are still lacking some information. Follow template verifying statuses, choose those that are "Ready for sale" and list them on eBay in bulk.

manage eBay items in a bulk