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comobuy licenses

What types of the comobuy license are available? 

There are two types of the comobuy license: trial and free.

What is the trial period of the comobuy application? 

During the trial period (1 month), you get access to all basic features of the comobuy software. No registration is required, but in trial mode you can't save your settings, account information, search parameters and search results, as well as pay for the items. 

How can I get free comobuy license? 

To get free comobuy license, you need to register the application.

How to register comobuy? 

To register comobuy, enter your email and password (for the comocom website) during the application installation process.

Can I use one comobuy license on more than 1 computer?  

Yes, you can use one and the same comobuy license on 5 computers. By default, you have 2 slots (license copies) available. To use comobuy on 5 computers, go to the My Licenses page and set the number of the license copies, equal to 5. 

What should I do, if there are no free slots available? 

By default, you have 2 slots available. If there are no free slots available, go to the My Licenses page on the comocom website and delete unnecessary slots (license copies).

What is HID? 

The Hardware ID (HID) is a set of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies your computer. The HID is bound to a certain hardware elements on your computer, like Hard Disk ID, CPU ID, BIOS Info and does not ever collect or transmit any data that can be used to identify an individual or a company. 

Where can I view the Hardware ID? 

To view the Hardware ID, start the applications, and in the Help menu ("?" icon at the top right corner of the application main window) select Registration info.

What will happen, if I remove the HID? 

If you remove the HID one more slot (license copy) will become available. No data will be lost. 


What is comobuy?

comobuy is a multi-functional desktop application specially developed for eBay buyers. It makes buying process on eBay easier, faster and more efficient even for eBay beginners. For professional eBay buyers comobuy will become powerful tool for managing all their business deals on eBay. 

What are the advantages of using comobuy? 

сomobuy offers numerous features that faster items' searching-buying process on eBay. Advanced search and auto-save of the search results allow you to collect information about the items you are interested in. You can add and manage multiple eBay accounts, generate purchase reports and control your expenses on eBay with comobuy.

What are the main features of the comobuy application?

Among the main features of the comobuy application there are: 

  • advanced item search - search items by category, selling format, price, condition, location, seller, etc.    
  • shopping reports - generate purchase reports, review and control your expenses.  
  • search log (history) - allows you to save and change your search criteria for each search.  
  • sellers blacklist - add unreliable sellers to you personal comobuy blacklist and their listings will be excluded from your search results. 
  • convenient item view - a few forms of item view are available in comobuy: list, table and detailed view in separate tabs.  
  • multiple eBay accounts support - add and manage numerous eBay accounts, quickly switch between them, without leaving the software. 
  • Feedback manager - view your Feedback profile, search comments by item title and leave Feedback to the sellers. 
  • watchlist - add items to your watchlist and keep track of the listings you are interested in.