Personal selling tool for eBay

Personal selling tool for eBay
only for 5 €/ month

User-friendly interface ensures easy start with the application and will help you to create items in a few minutes, as well as duplicate and edit saved templates for future listings.


With comosale you get the opportunity to run multiple eBay accounts, manage your selling activity, control active, sold and unsold items and communicate with customers without leaving the software!


You can  take the advantage of comosale listing templates, common for all added eBay accounts to list similar items from different profiles, add YouTube videos and store up to 24 images on your listing template For Free. Even after you update or re-install comosale, all accounts' information and settings, bound to the application license, will be saved.   


All eBay sites support, auto-relist and feedback managing function, templates design and bulk items management. All these function are available in the new comosale. 

You can easily export active, sold or unsold items to the XML format to create listing templates with all necessary information filled in. One more advantages is that you can choose what items you’d like to export to templates. With a few clicks, you will have a starting point for the future listings.

Plan the start and end time for the unlimited number of listings for all added eBay accounts. Thanks to the SKU support, comosale will never post more products than you have in stock. You can plan the unlimited number of items for the unlimited period without any additional fees applied.

When selling on eBay, it's very important to have an efficient control over your inventory in order to know, how many products you have in stock. With comosale you can manage your stock from one dashboard and get a virtual helper that automatically tracks the quantity of each product by SKU.