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comosale licenses

What types of the comosale license are available?  

There are two types of the comosale license available: free (trial) and Professional. 

How to get free comosale license? 

To get free comosale license, you need to register on the comocom website. After the registration, free comosale license will be automatically added to your account. You will only need to activate it.

How to activate free comosale license? 

To activate the comosale license, log in to the comocom website and at the My Licenses page click Activate now! in the Active Licenses field. You can use fully-featured comosale for free during 3 months from the date when you have activated your free license.

How to buy the Professional comosale license? 

To buy the Professional comosale license, go to the My License page on the comocom website. In the license purchase box, select duration for which you want to purchase the license. Check the correctness of your order and click Buy now!.

How to register comosale? 

To register comosale, enter your email and password (for the comocom website) during the application installation process.   

How would I know that free comosale license has expired? 

At the end of the trial period, the application will be displaying a notification, reminding that you need to prolong the license. At the My License page, the license expiration date in the Active License box will be highlighted in red. 

How to prolong the comosale license? 

To prolong comosale license, go to the My License page at the comocom website. In the license purchase box, select duration for which you want to purchase the license. Check the correctness of your order and click Buy now!. 

Can I use one comosale license on more than 1 computer?  

Yes, you can use one and the same comosale license on 2 computers. By default, you have 2 slots (license copies) available. It means that you can use comosale on 2 PCs.

What should I do, if there are no free slots available? 

By default, you have 1 slot available. If there are no free slots available, go to the My Licenses page on the comocom website and delete unnecessary slots (license copies).

What is HID?  

The Hardware ID (HID) is a set of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies your computer. The HID is bound to a certain hardware elements on your computer, like Hard Disk ID, CPU ID, BIOS Info and does not ever collect or transmit any data that can be used to identify an individual or a company. 

Where can I view the Hardware ID? 

To view the Hardware ID, start the application, and in the Help menu ("?" icon at the top right corner of the application main window) select Registration info.

What will happen, if I remove the HID?

If you remove the HID, one more slot (license copy) will become available. No data will be lost.

Can I revoke the professional comosale license?

Yes, you can revoke the professional comosale license by contacting the comocom support team.


Error Messages

What is eBay error #240?

When you are trying to list an item on eBay, using a third party listing tool, like comosale the following error may appear: 

“Funds from your sales will be unavailable and show as pending in your PayPal account for a period of time. Learn more:
The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy.” 

eBay checks content filters to make sure you don't use prohibited terms or code, but it don't use such restrictive filters if you list items through their website. That's why you sometimes don't get this error there. 

Please note: Error #240 is returned and generated by eBay server. comosale only forwards the error message from the eBay server.

What causes eBay error #240?

1. You have just started selling on eBay. 
eBay uses some restrictions for new sellers. Thus, try to list the same item from eBay web site in order to check and exclude this reason. 

Tip: As a new seller, you need to establish positive feedback history to meet minimum performance standards that are required to sell on eBay globally.  

2. eBay sites restrictions and policies. 
During the registration, you accept rules and policies of the particular eBay site. These rules and policies are different for each regional eBay site, like and, for example. As a result, eBay restricts to list items, using listing tools, at the site rules and policies of which differ from those your have agreed to.

Tip: You may list items on eBay sites that have the same rules and policies or register another account on the eBay site where you want to sell items. Items you have listed using comosale, will be available for search and view on all regional eBay sites. 

3. Prohibited and restricted items. 
Make sure the item you want to list is not prohibited or restricted on eBay. The eBay list of restricted goods includes:  
- Adult Only category 
- Alcohol 
- Animals and wildlife products 
- Drugs and drug paraphernalia 
- Firearms, weapons, and knives 
- Hazardous materials 
- Offensive material 
- Replica, counterfeit items, and unauthorized copies 
- Tobacco. 

4. You've reached monthly selling limits. 
eBay set up limits for each seller on sold items, gross merchandise volume, and active items for sale. Therefor, one can not succeed these limits. 

Tip:You can contact eBay and request to increase your account limit.  

5. Payment methods and additional eBay terms. 
There are some cases when you need to accept additional eBay terms, before listing an item or specify payment methods. 

Tip: List your item directly on eBay website and, if it is the reason, eBay will offer you agree to missing terms or update payment methods. For more detailed information, follow this link: