Advanced search on eBay

The advanced search feature of the comobuy buying tool, provides each customer with the best match search results, thanks to the wide range of search criteria. All your current search parameters will be saved for further searches on eBay, so you don't need to customize them each time you decide to find an item or renew the search.  

With the comobuy tool for eBay you can:

  • Repeat the search at any time you need, using automatically saved parameters.

  • Group all saved search queries by category and use search templates from the definite thematic category for further searches.

  • Use the same search query for all regional eBay sites. Select regional eBay site, necessary category and apply saved search criteria.

  • Target items by location and shipping terms. Choose the item location and/or desired shipping destination for the best match.

  • Automatically convert currency. Set the preferred currency in the comobuy settings and all the prices will be automatically converted at the PayPal currency rate.

  • Select the convenient time for shopping. Specify time and comobuy will pick out the items with the auction ending time according to your local time.

  • Search items by favourite eBay sellers. comobuy displays items from the sellers you like.

  • Choose proper items category. comobuy offers you the most appropriate eBay category and subcategory that match entered keywords. 

Just download comobuy for FREE and organize your search on eBay saving time with each click! 

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