Purchase reports for eBay

You often buy on eBay, but can not remember exactly what item and at what price you have purchased? With the comobuy Windows application for eBay it is not a problem anymore. 

Now you can generate purchase reports to control your expenses and create cost charts by date or by month. 

Depending on the chart, all purchases will be summarized in the selected earlier currency. 

Using your shopping report charts, you can easily filter all purchases on eBay by price and quantity, separate all items bought from a definite seller and analyse exactly how much money you have spent.  

If your purchase report is ready, you can print it or export to Excel from comobuy. 
With the comobuy tool for eBay you will have an accurate automated report about all your expenses and purchases. 

Organize your shopping on eBay with comobuy!

Generate purchase reports with comobuy