Print shipping labels

Print shipping labels for your items with comosale!

  • Auto-fill of shipping information
  • Create the USPS labels for domestic shipping
  • Create the USPS labels for international shipping
  • View and print shipping labels at any time

By using the comosale software to sell on eBay you considerably save your time and speed up the shipping process. Create, view and print the USPS labels for domestic and international shipments directly from our application.

comosale uses item's transaction information to fill in the shipping type and service fields, "Ship from" and "Ship to" details. Therefore, you should only check the information's validity and add package properties. It's simple and convenient.

Useful statuses will show you which items already have shipping labels and you will be able to save them on your PC or print them directly from the preview form.

Reduce the time it takes you to process a shipping by creating the USPS shipping labels right from the comosale application for eBay!