Auto-relist items on eBay

Manage and relist more items in less time!

  • Auto re-list when item is sold or unsold
  • SKU support
  • Change re-list settings in active sales
  • Enable or disable auto-relist feature with one click

If you are a professional eBay seller with the large number of products you constantly sell, auto-relist feature will cope with rather a big part of your selling activity.

When you're listing items, it's important to know how many products you have left to sell. comosale can automatically track the quantity of each product by SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and won't re-list items if there are not enough products in stock.

It also offers an opportunity to configure or change auto-relist settings throughout the item's life cycle: from creating a template to its sale.

You can use different settings for each your eBay account and for every separate item, enable or disable automation with one click and choose in what situation you want to relist the item. comosale auto-relist feature is available when:

  • The item is sold
  • The item is unsold.


use auto relist eBay items