Import / Export XML

For an easy start with the application: 

  • Export listings to XML format to create templates
  • Create listing templates with all information filled in
  • Choose listings you want to export
  • Customize the description

What is the easiest way to start listing items on eBay? Every seller can give a different answer. But what can be said for sure is that there is hardly an easiest way than having ready templates with all necessary information filled in. comosale offers you exactly this!

You can easily export active, sold or unsold items to the XML format to create listing templates with all necessary information filled in. One more advantages is that you can choose what items you’d like to export to templates. With a few clicks, you will have a starting point for the future listings. All created templates will be displayed in the Listing Templates tab and their HTML description in the custom design. 

If necessary, you can customize the description, add missing information or delete unrelated one.