Intuitive user interface

With the comosale smart interface you will save time creating listings on eBay! 

  • User-friendly interface
  • Crisp light and dark design
  • Quick access to main sales activities
  • Easy item creation

We understand that user-friendly interface is what every eBay seller is looking for. That is why we aim to solve the difficulties you face when listing an item on eBay and present intelligible solution even for eBay newbies.

Thanks to the detailed usability analysis, we have improved comosale graphic interface and added the opportunity to choose between light and dark application design.You can now easily switch from one theme to another. You will understand how to use the application in just a few minutes after its launch without applying additional efforts and spending time in vain. 

There is no need for you to read different user's guides. With the comosale intuitive interface you get quick access to active sales, can easily create and manage listing templates, communicate with customers and follow your Feedback profile.

Forget about seemingly endless pages of items creation. comosale is all what you need to list items, monitor and manage your selling activity on eBay in the best and most effective way.

Windows desktop userfriendly software for eBay