Inventory and stock control

Control your inventory with comosale!   

  • Manage products on inventory 
  • Include all necessary product information
  • Monitor the quantity of products by SKU
  • View products' update history 

When selling on eBay, it's very important to have an efficient control over your inventory in order to know, how many products you have in stock. With comosale you can manage your stock from one dashboard and get a virtual helper that automatically tracks the quantity of each product by SKU. You only need to select the necessary product when creating a listing template.

Once the product is added to the comosale Inventory, you can easily update or edit information about it. Here, you have the opportunity include product title, item price, color or any other characteristics you consider important. All updates will be saved automatically in the product's history, which gives you an opportunity to stay aware of all changes at any time you need. 

Inventory control also includes an enhancement to the auto re-list feature. If there are not enough products in your inventory, the item won’t be re-listed. 

You get better control over the auto re-list feature and a tool to monitor your stock at one place. Try the new comosale!