Listing templates for eBay

Create and manage listing templates for eBay with comosale! 

  • Quick and easy item creation
  • Unlimited storage number of listing templates for eBay
  • Access templates from all added eBay accounts
  • Easy templates management
  • Use ready return, payment and shipping policies when filling in a template 
  • Select Global Shipping service when creating a listing 

It takes a lot of time to create an item on eBay, not to mention the listing of tens or thousands of products. Thus, our main goal is to mitigate difficulties you may face, when listing an item and make this process as easy and convenient as possible.

All necessary options to create an item are always at sight and situated  in almost the same order as in listed eBay item. Such location helps you to navigate the template and fill in required information without constant scrolling. 

You also have an opportunity to use ready return, payment and shipping policies when filling in a template. And, since the comosale listing templates are common for all added eBay accounts, you won't need to enter similar information all over again. If you want to make some corrections to the item description or specified policies, it is possible to delete, edit or duplicate existing templates to create listings with similar options.

There is one more opportunity that will help you to sell worldwide and attract customers from other countries. We have enabled the Global Shipping service in comosale and you can now select it directly in the "Shipping" form.  

To check whether you have provided all of the required item options and are allowed to list an item, verify a template. The verifying statuses help to define which templates are ready for sale and which are still missing some information. 

comosale grants the opportunity to choose the unlimited number of templates, verify them and list on eBay in bulk. 

Make the item listing process a question of minutes with comosale! 

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