Listings scheduler

Schedule and sell with comosale! 

  • Schedule your listings
  • Plan items for all eBay accounts
  • No quantity limits
  • No additional fees applied
  • Use listing templates, common for all eBay accounts

When selling on eBay you don't only need to know what products to offer, but also to take into the account the best time for your listings to go viral. The posting strategy is very important. If you know when most of the buyers shop on eBay, you can choose the right time to publish your listings and get greater exposure for your products.

With the comosale scheduler, you can plan the start and end time for the unlimited number of listings for all added eBay accounts. Thanks to the SKU support, comosale will never post more products than you have in stock.

Note, that you can plan the unlimited number of items for the unlimited period without any additional fees applied.

You don’t need to switch from one account to another to schedule items and monitor the situation. Everything is available at one dashboard. In addition, you can access earlier created listing templates from any account to create and plan a listing.

Create as many listings as you wish and schedule them for later. comosale will take care about the rest!