Multi-variation listings

Present listings that comply with your customers' needs!

  • Create multi-quantity listings
  • Save templates with variations
  • Easily edit existing variation values
  • SKU support

Selling clothing, shoes or accessories on eBay, one can hardly imagine this process without multi-variation listings. A variety of items on offer and great number of customers who have different tastes and requirements, make this feature convenient both for sellers and buyers. It enables sellers to create single multi-quantity fixed price listing instead of numerous separate listings that differ only in color and size. As a result, buyers can view and choose product options in a few minutes, without searching for the required size or color among other items

With the comosale solution for eBay you can create and manage item templates with variations.

Intuitive Variation Wizard allows to enter all required information in a few minutes. Add up to 60 values for each variation detail and up to 12 photos for each value. One more opportunity is to save templates with variations and use them to list items with similar properties or edit existing variation values, so they would fit particular product.

eBay listing with variations