Multiple eBay accounts support

Meet the highest eBay standards, managing multiple eBay profiles!

  • Easily switch between accounts
  • Customize auto-relist and auto-feedback settings for each account
  • Use listing templates common for all accounts
  • Store templates and accounts setting on the application server

There are numerous reasons why a seller decides to create multiple eBay accounts. Many users, being both active buyers and sellers, want separate accounts for each activity. Sellers who run their business on eBay prefer to have a few accounts for different product lines.

The comosale application for eBay helps you to manage multiple eBay accounts without constant signing in and out that takes a lot of time and efforts. Just add already existing accounts to the comosale solution and easily switch between them to monitor and manage you selling activity on eBay.

List items from the chosen eBay account, using comosale templates, as well as customize auto-relist and auto-feedback settings for each separate profile.

Even after your update or reinstall comosale, all information, like created templates, added accounts in form of tokens and profile preferences will be saved, bound to the application license. Storing templates and accounts settings on the application server, you can run comosale software on a few computers (2 PCs) without loosing any important information.

multiple eBay account manager