Sales manager for eBay

Track and manage your selling activity without entering My eBay!

  • Respond to offers and contact bidders
  • Send Second Chance Offers
  • Export active, sold or unsold items to listing templates
  • Easy eBay sales manager
  • Select item information you want to display
  • Useful grouping

To become a successful eBay sellers and earn a Top Rated or Power Seller status, you have not only provide timely response to the buyers questions and create professional listings, but constantly track your selling activity.

Fast responses increase your chances for success. Control bids, item purchases, check payment statuses and add tracking numbers to ship products on time or re-list items, if they were not sold.

For an easy start with the application, we have implemented the opportunity to export selected active, sold or unsold items to templates, which you can save and use for future listings. Now you can also contact bidders, respond to offers and send Second chance offers to the not winning participants of the auction.

The "Sales Manager for eBay" allows you to group items according to specific criteria and customize the displayed information.

Make sure that you have filled in all the necessary data without opening it in a separate Internet browser.

Manage eBay selling