IT outsourcing from comocom

Focus on your business core issues and let professionals do the job. IT outsourcing services from comocom aimed to develop and deliver high-quality IT solutions, according to your special requirements. We are here for you, ready to implement your ideas!

Internet marketing

Get advanced marketing campaign 


Increase product visibility, draw more traffic to your website and open new opportunities for your business development with Internet marketing from comocom.


We will conduct detailed website audit and usability analysis, develop individual marketing strategy to increase your website search visibility though search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. Our team will help to reach target customers through social media marketing and content, specially tailored to fit your brand.


Working with us you receive monthly reports, multilingual marketing campaigns and regular adjustment of the initial strategy.


Keywords: Branding, Strategy, CTR, Leads, Google Analytics, SMM, SEO, Ads, CPA, PR, Content, Newsletters, Blogging

QA and software testing

Testing that improves your software


We offer outsourcing QA and testing services, aimed to monitor the software quality at each stage of its implementation, lower maintenance costs and mitigate risks of software post-release failure.


In our work we use quality solutions to check developed software for functional quality, performance and its compliance with technical requirements to enhance users’ experience. Our team will help to develop documentation according to the specific objectives of your project, provide software testing throughout its development process or place dedicated QA-team at your full disposal.


Keywords: Selenium, Bugzilla, TestLink, Jenkins, Jmeter, Usability, Webdriver, Test Cases, Test Plan, Bug report, Grinder, Unit tests

Web development

Web development services for everyone 


Need corporate website or complex Internet application? comocom team will implement your ideas and projects using C, C++, Java, .Net, PHP programming languages, most appropriated platforms, frameworks and libraries.


Our aim is not only to provide cutting-edge solutions, but establish stable, long-term cooperation with our customers. Under web-development services we offer: websites of different complexity and format, web-portals and web-based applications, eCommerce solution, UX design, software maintenance, content writing and marketing activities.


Contact us today and our experts will help to choose the most suitable solution for your project aims, size and supposed budget.


Keywords: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, Drupal, Yii, Wordpress, CakePHP, SOAP, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL, SaaS

Mobile development

Power your business with mobile apps


Mobile apps help reach your customers and grow business visibility in mobile market segment. comocom develops mobile apps to fit your specific ideas, business or entertainment needs.


Our expertise in this sphere allows to deliver various solutions from simple games to complex business applications for eCommerce. We specialize in mobile apps development, testing and consulting for the Android and iPhone OS.


Each software implementation process is guided by thorough quality assurance and  UX design to provide creative interface layout and better users’ experience.  


Keywords: Android, iOS, Backberry, Windows 8

Custom software development

Custom software that fits your needs


Why should you choose custom software development from comocom? We offer full software development life-cycle, from elaborating project requirements to product design, quality assurance testing and further support.


Up-to-date software solutions that match your specific needs and preferences is the most effective way to integrate your business with modern IT world. Ongoing cooperation with a wide range of experts from various IT spheres, allows us to offer end-to-end development of desktop, mobile and web applications along with embedded, data processing and management systems.


Interested? Contact us and we will send you the detailed description of our services. 


Keywords: C++, Real-Time, J2EE, RESTful, Highload, 3rd party API, eBay API, DataMart, ASP.NET MVC, Clouds, WebForms, Silverlight, NHibernate, Telerik, WCF

System аdministration and support

We are here for you during 24x7


Want to secure your data from  DDoS attacks, need to install and customize a server or ensure 24x7 support and monitoring? System Administration and Support services from comocom include full-time server technical support and 24x7 monitoring.  


We will install and configure necessary operating systems, run complete system monitoring as well as provide its constant management and safe data storing. We guarantee quick reaction time and provide regular status reports to ensure maximum transparency and efficiency of the performed tasks. 


Still hesitate? Try a pilot project!


Keywords: Ubuntu, RedHat, Apache, Nginx, Jetty, Tomcat, Postfix, Sendmail, Exim, Zimbra CS, OpenVPN, Nagios (Centreon front-end), Zabbix, cPanel, ISPmanager